Is Your Message Coming Through?

For nonprofits and ministries, communication is essential.  Most nonprofits have a number of different stakeholders with whom they must communicate on a regular basis.  To be effective, we must connect with our audience whether that is one person, one hundred or one million.  It is the job of the communicator to ensure that connection with […]

How about a Volunteer or Two?

Every nonprofit and ministry that I talk with tells me that they are in need of more volunteers…either because they are worried about “burn out” among their volunteer pool or because they do not have enough volunteers to fulfill their missions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, volunteerism fell to 24.9% of Americans in […]

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Volunteer Recognition on a Budget

Many organizations use volunteers to help them maximize their resources and fulfill their missions. April is Volunteer Appreciation Month. Recognizing volunteers does not have to be costly. Instead, some of the most meaningful forms of recognition cost very little. The most cost effective ways to recognize volunteers are informal.  These strategies are usually on-going and […]

Volunteer Recognition on a Budget