How Community Makes You a Better Nonprofit Leader

You would be hard pressed to find two professions that are quite as demanding as nonprofit work and serving in a ministry or church.  Many people find themselves burnt out, feeling alone, and even worse, unappreciated by the communities that they are pouring their hearts into. If you look around at business you will see […]

community and development benefit you and your team

Does Your Organization Need Best Practices?

Quite often, you will hear conversations about nonprofits and ministries and “best practices.” You may even wonder, “do we have best practices,” “are we using best practices?” An overview of best practices will help you to understand exactly what best practices are and where they come from. Begin by knowing there is not a single […]

Best Practices

Do We Need to File Taxes?

We have been getting lots of questions lately about nonprofit taxes, and whether or not they are required. I am going to walk you through the IRS requirements and provide you with some suggestions to help you prepare. First, let’s get some myths out of the way.   MYTH – Nonprofits do not have to […]

nonprofit taxes