Category: Nonprofit Resources

Letter Stuffings

You are probably in the midst of writing your annual appeal letter, having it read and re-read to ensure it says just the right thing. As you wrap up the writing, and even before if you are not quite finished, it is time to begin thinking about the envelope and the other stuffings that go…
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Top 5 Mistakes Nonprofits Are Making

Everyone makes mistakes, right? Right! In my work with nonprofits, I see five common mistakes that can negatively impact your work in the community, the impression that funders and donors have of the organization and even how clients and stakeholders feel about the organization. Start 2016 off with an effort to correct your mistakes. As…
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Building a Firm Foundation

Most ministries have a mission statement, and some have vision statements and identified organizational values. In today‚Äôs world, the message that is being sent to the world by Christian organizations is coming through our actions, our inactions and our attitudes much louder than in our print or electronic materials. Good, bad or indifferent, as soon…
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