Is Your Message Coming Through?

For nonprofits and ministries, communication is essential.  Most nonprofits have a number of different stakeholders with whom they must communicate on a regular basis.  To be effective, we must connect with our audience whether that is one person, one hundred or one million.  It is the job of the communicator to ensure that connection with […]

How is Your Board Doing?

Board assessments are a best practice for nonprofit boards. The reasons for a board assessment are many but perhaps one of the best reasons is the old adage, “what gets measured, gets done.” A board assessment provides the board with an opportunity to look at themselves as a unit to determine, “what are we doing […]

What Am I Supposed To Do?

Many nonprofits and ministries begin with everyone doing everything…and usually there are not that many “everyones.” Typically, there are just a few people doing a lot of different things, some for which they are gifted for and some because someone has to do it. But, as the organization grows and gets bigger, it is important […]