Need Board Members?

One of the questions that I am frequently asked by nonprofit leaders is how to recruit new board members and then immediately following that question is, “how do I get them involved?” All nonprofits are required to have a board of directors. According to the IRS, the board of directors, as a unit are legally […]

Who Do You Need On Board?

This is the sixth post in the Effective Nonprofit Board series. We have spent the last few weeks discussing various aspects of board service including on-boarding new board members, setting expectations through a board commitment letter, and interviewing prospective board members. However, all of this information is essentially useless unless you understand who you need […]

Board Recruitment

Getting Commitment from the Board of Directors

This is the fifth post in the Effective Nonprofit Boards series. Once you go through the process of recruiting board members, it is important to let each person know what is expected of them through a job description. Just as you would not accept a position without knowing what you would be required to do, […]

Getting Commitment from the Board of Directors