Category: Nonprofit Boards

Steering the Ship

Last week, we covered some basic roles and responsibilities of board members. Since the primary role (as defined by the IRS) of a nonprofit board of directors is governance, this week, we shall focus on that role. The very word governance is derived from a Greek word that means, “to steer.” Think for a minute…
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Board of Directors 101

It is good to have all board members, even those with lots of experience to review board roles and responsibilities occasionally. It is one of those things that, if not kept in the forefront of our minds, we forget…or at least let slip away. Let’s review for a moment why nonprofit organizations have a board…
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How Am I Doing?

One of our recommended best practices for nonprofits and ministries is to conduct a board evaluation on a regular basis, at least once every two years. And, while the board as a whole may be doing a great job, it is also helpful to have board members evaluate themselves. In other words, an honest self-assessment.…
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