Writing A Fundraising Letter

If you are planning to send an annual appeal out this quarter, you are probably knee-deep in writing. As you probably know, this quarter is the best time of year to send them, many organizations bring in as much as 50% of their annual revenue during the months of October, November and December. It makes […]

Money, Mission or Both?

Many organizations struggle to determine if they should start a new program, expand a program that currently exists or even eliminate a program that has been around “forever.” The struggle for many nonprofits and ministries is that there is a lot of passion on the board, on staff and in the volunteer pool, so lots […]

Funding…What You Need to Know.

I recently had an opportunity to have a conversation with four funders from four very different funding sources. Here is what I learned. First, over the past eighteen months or so, there has been a dramatic increase in individual giving. Statistics have always shown that about 80% of all giving to nonprofits and ministries comes […]