Demonstrating A Return on Investment

Everyone wants to know about return on investment and many nonprofits and ministries struggle to communicate the return on investment that they provide to their stakeholders. Some may even say that return on investment (ROI) is not necessary since they are a nonprofit organization. While ROI may be measured and communicated differently for nonprofits and […]

Demonstrating A Return on Investment

What’s Your Story?

Every organization has a story and yours is no different. It is important to be able to share your story in a format that fits the situation; all too often organizations get busy and the story never gets told. Or, everyone in the organization is not telling the same story. Stories are important for nonprofits […]

Funding your Mission

The mission statement of a nonprofit provides the organization with direction and guidance about why the organization exists, who it serves, etc. In other words, the mission statement expresses the purpose of the organization. All activities, programs and services in which the nonprofit engages can be measured against the mission statement. Using the mission statement […]