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What’s Next?

Over the past few weeks, we have focused on recruiting board members to serve on your nonprofit or ministry board of directors. But, you might be wondering, “now that I have board members, what do I do with them?” One of the first steps is to provide a Board Orientation. I have heard from several…
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Who Should Serve on the Board of Directors?

Who should serve on the board of directors is probably one of the most frequently asked questions for nonprofit and ministry leaders. Going beyond the IRS and state requirements that there must be a board, a board of directors can and should be helpful to organization in the fulfilment of its mission. And, the board…
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Getting the Right People on Board

Finding the right board members is a challenge for all organizations at one time or another. It is challenging to get the right mix of diversity, passion and skills all wrapped up in an individual of the “right” gender who is interested in serving on the board of directors for your organization. Following the steps…
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