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Grants-Free Money?

There is often some misunderstanding about grant funding. I sometimes hear organizations think that grant funds can be used for whatever is needed within the organization. Or, some well-meaning board member will say, “well we have grant money in the bank, let’s just use that.” All organizations need to understand that grant funds are not…
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Fundraising in 2018

Since the new tax reform bill went into place, I have had many people ask me how I think the new law will impact nonprofits and ministries. And while I haven’t read the pages and pages of law, there will be some impact to the field. Over the past several weeks I have had people…
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Books for Nonprofit Leaders

I am often asked about books that I recommend for nonprofit leaders. Specifically, the request is always, “what can I read to make the organization stronger and more effective.” As we end this year, I thought I would share with you a few books that I have found to be particularly helpful in understanding the…
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