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Are We Big Enough for a Donor Database?

Last week we began talking about the use of technology in fundraising and our focus was on the organizational website. Today, we will continue the discussion as we discuss donor databases. Now, before you think, “my organization is not big enough,” or “my organization doesn’t have enough donors,” and click out, I want to encourage…
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Is Your Website an Asset or a Liability?

Over the next few weeks, we are going to be discussing the use of technology in fundraising efforts. Clearly, in today’s technologically advanced world, nonprofits and ministries must recognize that technology will play a crucial role in fundraising efforts. However, many organizations struggle to use technology “correctly.” As a result, they give their intended audience…
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Fundraising Action

Over the past two weeks, we have spent time identifying both organizational strengths and weaknesses in preparation for the development of a fundraising plan. The next step is to identify how much money you need, in other words, where are the gaps between the money that has been committed and the amount needed to provide…
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