Volunteer Recognition on a Budget

Many organizations use volunteers to help them maximize their resources and fulfill their missions. April is Volunteer Appreciation Month. Recognizing volunteers does not have to be costly. Instead, some of the most meaningful forms of recognition cost very little. The most cost effective ways to recognize volunteers are informal.  These strategies are usually on-going and […]

Volunteer Recognition on a Budget

Support for your Case

Does your organization have a written Case for Support? Most organizations, unless they are actively involved in a capital campaign or an effort to raise funds for an endowment would say “no.” A Case for Support, as defined by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, is a brief, clear statement that communicates the purpose, program and financial […]

Thank You!

This week, April 12-18th is Volunteer Appreciation Week, a time to recognize and appreciate the people who spend their time and energy to serve in organizations without compensation all around the world. Current estimates say that each year there are more than 30 million hours of service provided by volunteers. Using the current volunteer value […]