Grant Writing: Frequently Asked Questions Part I

As more and more organizations seek grant funds to support their work, I receive questions about “the world of grants.”  To clarify misunderstandings and misconceptions, today, we will focus on some frequently asked questions regarding grant writing. I’m sure if one person has asked me, many people can benefit from learning it as well. We’ll…
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Why Strategic Planning Is Important for Your Organization

Strategic planning simply defined is setting a course or direction for your nonprofit organization.  Many nonprofit leaders aren’t sure why strategic planning is so important for their organization. At the mere thought of engaging in strategic planning, many nonprofit leaders and board members want to run screaming from the room.  Don’t go running just yet!…
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How to Attract Regular Donors to Your Organization

Does your organization need regular, donors? Nonprofit organizations everywhere are in search of donors that will support the work being done by their organization.  Ideally, these donors will have a lot of money and will give a large portion of that money to their particular organization.  Unfortunately, it is rare for nonprofits to stumble across…
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