Are You Planning for Growth?

I am a huge advocate of personal growth. I believe that we must keep learning and growing to be the people that God calls us to be in every area of our lives. As a result, I am an avid reader, seeking to learn all that I can from others. Over the past several years,…
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Wrap Up Your Year End Fundraising

At this point, your head may be spinning as you try to manage the organization and its programs and services, your staff who all seem to need a million things from you and generating funds to continue the programs and services that are pulling you in all directions. Take some time right now to focus…
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#GivingTuesday a Bust?

I am hearing from many organizations that #GivingTuesday did not produce the desired results. For some, lots of time and money were invested but no results or very minimal results were seen. I know for many, the day was a huge disappointment. As I think about the day, my heart hurts for each of you.…
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