Maximize Your Assets

For many organizations, the new fiscal year has started and the budget for the year has been established. For others, it is mid-year, and there may be a slight sense of panic as funds are not coming into the organization as had been hoped and planned for. Over the next few weeks, we are going…
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Building a Staff

Since many organizations just started a new fiscal year and have received new grants and funding, now is the time when many leaders begin thinking about hiring additional staff. As you prepare to bring new staff into an existing staff or into a group of volunteers, there are some things to think about and remember.…
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Board Bad Habits

Have you ever noticed that unless you are really conscious, you tend to pick-up bad habits? For instance, maybe you eat healthy on a regular basis and one day decide to treat yourself to a dish of ice cream. Then, the next day you remember how good that ice cream was and decide to have…
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