How Community Makes You a Better Nonprofit Leader

You would be hard pressed to find two professions that are quite as demanding as nonprofit work and serving in a ministry or church.  Many people find themselves burnt out, feeling alone, and even worse, unappreciated by the communities that they are pouring their hearts into. If you look around at business you will see […]

community and development benefit you and your team

Managing the Board of Directors

According to the IRS and organizational By-laws, the Board of Directors is legally responsible for the organization.  But, once staff is hired, there are always questions about the role of the Chief Executive Officer (sometimes called the Executive Director) and his/her relationship with the Board of Directors. Ultimately, the goal is to have a positive […]

Relationship with the Board of Directors

What’s Involved in an Effective Grant Proposal?

This week is International Grant Professionals Week, and Friday, March 10 is International Grant Professionals Day. In honor of grant professionals, our focus this week is on grants. More specifically, how to write effective grant proposals. Writing Effective Grant Proposals Who will be receiving and reviewing your grant proposals? It is important to know whether […]

how to write effective grant proposals