Getting Started with Strategic Thinking

You may have heard the term “think strategic.” But, what does that really mean? How is it different from the thinking that you do every day? Learning to think strategically can help you as you work to set a clear trajectory for your nonprofit or ministry. People who think strategically exhibit the following characteristics: Broad […]

Getting Started with Strategic Thinking

Are You Looking Ahead?

Too often organizations spend a lot of time, both in staff and board meetings, looking back at what they have accomplished.  While this is important, spending time looking ahead helps organizations build the future that they desire. Planning strategically can provide an opportunity to plan a desired future. Unfortunately, when strategic planning is mentioned to […]

strategic planning

Which Hat Are You Wearing?

When looking at board roles and responsibilities, it helps to understand that each board member wears three different hats, and just as you only wear one hat on your head at a time, board members should only wear one hat (role) at a time. Knowing which hat being worn will help board members know which […]

Board Roles and Responsibilities